About First World

An evil thought only to be fairy tale has returned!  A young girl, Arana and several others must find a way to stop this nightmare of creatures before the First World falls into ultimate darkness.

The First World is a sword and sorcery adventure unlike any you have ever seen!  What makes it so different?  There are no chosen ones, no destined savior.  There isn't one special thing to accomplish and then BOOM, the world is saved!

Defeated long ago by the Noble 5, the NOCTEM has returned. Now, those
within the bloodline of the Noble 5 must try and defeat the same evil their ancestors did, long ago.  With fantastic realms and mythical beasts, the First World has everything you would expect from a Fantasy epic but not the usual "Chosen one" the genre falls into too often.

First World is about life. Life can take you in directions you never saw coming. It can hand you such devastating pain and loss, and such love and happiness. How does one stay on their path? How does one not waiver and fall into darkness? These are the questions I wanted to tackle, when creating and writing this book.

The Story So far

Ok, here is what we have going on. After the story that has taken place in Volumes 1 and 2, we find our team assembled. Now, Arana, Rhis, Garrun, Minak and Saja, have to make their way to the ancien city of Tular and learn the secrets to  entering ASKOTAR-THE REALM OF DRAGONS. Once there, they will be able to discover how to defeat the DARK ARMY known as the NOCTEM and its leader-LORD CALRO.

 Now, LORD CALRO and his General, OREM, have different plans. The ancient City of
Tular is one rich in history and full of surprises, so the story is bound to take some twists and turns! PLUS, the 5 have to make it there first. The lands leading up to Tular, will provide challenges along
the way, and our team will be tested. 

Meet the Team



The last of his kind. He has seen more wars and battles than any other of the Noble 5, and does not want to see more blood spilled. However,he will not hesitate to raise his weapon in a quest for peace.



The strong, impulsive warrior of the group. She lost her family when she was kidnapped into the First World, and will stop at nothing to return home!



Gifted with a power he does not understand, Rhis is a reluctant member of the Noble 5



A dragon guard from Entalon, Saja has seen this war from the very beginning. Trained in the ancient arts, Saja is a formidable and wise warrior.



A shapeshifter, Minak is no warrior, but is the heart of the team.