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Hey everyone! I just want to thank you all for checking out this very personal and incredible statue, beautifully sculpted by Dave Cardenas from Loose Collector.


Gi-Gantic is my way of giving my late son, Parker Reef an action figure just like the ones I had as a kid. When you purchase this, know a portion of your purchase goes toward the Foundation created in Parker and Tana’s name- Taninas Reef.  


You will receive a Tania's Reef Foundation wristbanc (also sold separately) stating you supported the foundation, along with this incredible statue.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me



Thanks so much for stopping by the site. I hope you like the work and continue to follow along. Maybe you have been a follower and are checking in to keep up, or unfortunately you have stumbled upon this page and can not divert your eyes long enough!! Now you are stuck!

I will tell you I will continue to work hard and produce stories and art that will hopefully bring you back again and again!

Chris Campana